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The Armorial Bearings
- of -
Scottish Matriculation

The arms of Martin Goldstraw
© 2002 -2004

Matriculation Patent of Martin Goldstraw

These are the arms matriculated in Scotland; The Lord Lyon King of Arms by interlocutor of date 23rd September 2002 granted warrant to the Lyon Clerk to matriculate the arms in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings of Scotland. Matriculated the 21st Day of November 2002. Recorded on the 69th page of the 74th volume of the Public Record of All Arms and Bearings of Scotland. 
These Scottish Matriculated Arms are identical in blazon to the Arms granted by the (English) College of Arms in all respects EXCEPT  the motto; In the Scottish matriculation the motto is above the helm and crest and is "AB INITIO GOOSTREY".

Arms:    Argent on a Chevron between three Swords erect Gules  three Quills erect Argent

Crest:    On a Helm with a Wreath Argent and Gules A Goose Argent beaked Or resting its dexter foot against an
               Oak Tree Gules fructed Or

Motto:    Ab Initio Goostrey (From the Beginning Goostrey)

Crest Badges

Please note:    There is no such thing as a "family" Coat of Arms.
All achievements belong to the original grantee and heirs in accord with the Letters Patent of the Grant/Matriculation. It is in order to display an achievement which does not belong to you as long as you do not pass it off as your own, or give the impression that it is your own.

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