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The Manor of Goostrey
and its Lords

I have little information as to the present ownership of the Manor of Goostrey and would very much like to know who the present Lord of the Manor is.
The most recent information I hold is as follows: 
White's History and Gazetteer of Cheshire, 1860 states that "Harry Mainwaring is Lord of the Manor and owner". This would indicate that the Mainwaring family were the owners at least in the mid nineteenth century.

The 1906 edition of Kelly's Directory of Cheshire mentions that Egerton Leigh of Joderell Hall (Leigh of West Hall, High Leigh) and John Baskervyle-Glegg, of Withington Hall are joint Lords of the Manor. Both of these families are listed in the 1937 edition of Burke's Landed Gentry.

Quite rightly, the Manorial Society of Great Britain does not publish details of their Membership (the present owner may or may not be a member of the Society) and there is no public register of Manorial Lords so there is no "easy route" to finding out who the present Lord of the Manor is. If anyone has any public information (we must of course respect the privacy of any existing individual), perhaps from the Wills etc. of the two gentlemen last known to be in possession, I would be most appreciative.

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