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Mr. William Goostrey
MSJG 7/7/00

I rather shamelessly quote from my copy of 
Millers Old Leeke published in 1891

The Bowling Green

“ About 60 years ago [ 1831 ], the green was the scene of an exciting match. A local lawyer had matched the late Mr. William Goostrey, for ten pounds aside, against a crack Manchester bowler, the green being so peculiar in its construction , that the stranger was given a start of seven out of twenty one. The night before the match someone, obviously a supporter of the Manchester player, stole one of Mr. Goostrey’s bowls, the theft handicapping him out of the contest. Annoyed that such an unfair advantage should have been taken, the Leek player's  hand forgot it's cunning until his opponent had made his score fifteen to nil , but then his marvellous knowledge of the green asserted itself, and getting the  “jack” he ran out an easy winner. The missing bowl was afterwards discovered in the (river) Churnet.”

Charles Chadwick, surgeon.

“He was a constant visitor to the bowling green, and was so expert that he was considered the only rival the late Mr. Goostrey really had.”

Clearly William was a force to be reckoned with on the bowling green near the ruins of Dieu-la-cresse Abbey, Leek.

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