Web Site Trouble Shooting

In order to help solve some of the problems visitors may encounter, we feel that it may help if we give an explanation of how things are set up and how they should work. We also give a few back door shortcuts for times when a link may be down.

Please note that there may be reasons beyond our control that the links may be temporarily down so in the first instance, try waiting a while and trying again later.

Web site analysis
How our web site is made up.
Where you can find our links.
If all else fails, let us know so we can put it right.

Web site analysis
Actual sites
We own a number of web addresses, goldstraw.org, goldstraw.org.uk. goldstraw.net, goldstraw.info, goostrey.org, goostrey.org.uk, goldstraw.me.uk and have the use of a number of others (we do NOT own goldstraw.com or goldstraw.co.uk). Whichever domain you type into your browser, it is most likely that you will actually arrive at either goldstraw.org.uk or goldstraw.net . Both goldstraw.org.uk and goldstraw.net are hosted on different servers and it is highly unlikely that you will encounter any problems while you remain within these sites.

Sub Domain sites
Some of the site links which may appear to be internal are in fact outside links. For example links.goldstraw.org is a sub domain of goldstraw.org but actually points to our links page which is hosted on our behalf by bravenet.com . The same applies to our guest book, forum and photo album which are hosted on goldstraw.me.uk. We have routed these through sub domains to make the address easier for visitors to remember should they wish to visit them directly - the real addresses are extraordinarily long, consisting of a series of numbers etc. Experience has shown that very occasionally our sub domains fail to redirect to the actual bravenet.com pages. If this happens, we list below links to the actual addresses cutting out the sub domain redirection. Try the true link address. If it still doesn't work, then please use the contact form below to let us know.
Incidentally, when you press home from any of our sub domains (i.e. links.goldstraw.org) you will be returned to goldstraw.net.

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If you have clicked on any of our sub domains and it has not worked, try clicking on the links below which will send you on a direct path.

Gathering 2005

Guest Book

Forum Page

Favourite Links

Daily Cartoon

Please note that the links on our Free-For-All-Links page are added by visitors. If you find a dead link on any of these, please let us know so that it can be removed.
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Report a dead link. 

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Sub Domain
Please try the sub domain links above and only report if it still doesn't work.



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